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Safety checks

Check your tyre pressure once every two weeks to ensure it's correct. Incorrect pressure could cause excessive wear on your tyres and lessen there lifespan. Make sure the spare is of the same standard and check all tyre sidewalls for cuts or cracks.

Engine oil
Checking the engine has enough oil should be done fortnightly. Use the dip stick to assess the level of oil. If your level is dropping low on a regular basis this could indicate engine problems.

When your car is serviced make sure you have the oil and air filter changed.

Coolant level should be checked regularly topping up as necessary when the engine is cold. Prior to winter months check antifreeze concentration.Antifreeze prevents the coolant from freezing, the build-up of corrosion within the cooling system, and so is important all year round.

Over time wiper blades become worn and smear the windscreen so is advisable to replace them at least once a year.

A working system is a legal requirement so check and top up regularly.Screenwash additive should be added to the water throughout summer and winter for top performance.

Regular windscreen inspection for stone damage, chips and cracks are vital and should be repaired as soon as possible. Any damage can lead to impaired vision and distract attention.

Minor chips can be repaired by a windscreen specialist before they grow and crack the glass.

All lights including brake, fog and indicator lights should be checked weekly and cleaned regularly. Special attention should be paid in bad weather and winter months.

Power steering
At every service the fluid reservoir should be checked and monthly by yourself. Refer to car handbook for advise on correct hydraulic fluid for top up use.

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